For Nurses and Other Clinicians

In a nutshell

Elsevier Clinical Skills will help Nurses and Clinicians keep up to date with their training and the reinforcement of clinical skills in an easy to use System that offers engaging, localised evidence based content that is flexible  and easy to use 24/7.

About the product

Clinical Skills is a customisable electronic skills tool for improving the consistency of clinical practice as well as managing professional training.
This online training tool uses videos and animations to demonstrate a variety of skills.  It also includes Learning Management System (LMS) functionality and single-sign-on access (SSO) to facilitate easy integration within existing institutional technical infrastructures.

The platform

  • is an online web based solution (for all major desktop and mobile browsers)
  • is available as mobile and tablet apps (iOS and Android)

It also features:

  • A Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Able to assign tests and track learner progress, usage and results
    • Learner data can be exported for further review and analysis
    • Data can also be integrated within existing systems e.g. NLMS
  • Content customisation
    • Able to integrate content within existing LMSs using SCORM packages
    • Skills can be localised in line with Trust/institutional protocols and policies
    • Institutions can upload or create new skills
  • Flexible access on/offline
    • Users will be able to access the platform using singlesignon using Shibboleth/Athens
    • Access via desktop and mobile devices across multiple department and sites
  • The content:
    • includes a mixture of illustrations, videos and animations
    • has been created by leading academics and reputable nursing practitioners

 Each skill includes:

  • Summary – short (1-2 page) skill summary
  • Checklist – for competency reviews
  • Equipment needed to perform the skill
  • Demonstration – a video or animation of the skill
  • Self-test – offering immediate marking and rationale
  • Skill overview – in-depth description of the skills including rationales, important considerations and references
  • References – literature references, further reading and useful web links